Mausoleum of Poets or Maqbarat-o-Shoara in Persian

Mausoleum of Poets or Maqbarat-o-Shoara in Persian actually is a very old graveyard. But this is no ordinary graveyard. You may wonder how a cemetery can be special. Well, only classical and contemporary poets, mystics, and other notable people are allowed in this place! As a corpse of course. No one exactly knows how old is this cemetery, but about the building, Tahmaseb Dolatshahi, the former Secretary of Arts and Cultures of East Azarbaijan, built Mausoleum of Poets in 1970s. Since then, there have been construction and renovation in this site such as building new symbolic buildings and sculptures.

Asadi Tusi (the first poet that buried in this place) – poet, Khaqani – poet, Qatran Tabrizi – poet, Homam Tabrizi – poet, Aziz Dowlatabadi (Darvish) – poet, Aziz Khan Mokri – army general, and the last poet that buried here, Master Shahriar are some of the noble characters that rest in this place.

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