Istiklal Mosque, Jakarta, Indonesia

Mosquée Istiklal, Jakarta, Indonésie

Istiklal Mosque, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Istiklal Mosque (or Independence Mosque) is located in Jakarta, Indonesia and is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. Its total area is 10 hectares and it can accommodate up to 120 thousand worshippers at a time.

In 1953 a committee was founded to build the Istiklal Mosque. However, the construction of the mosque began in 1961 and lasted about 17 years. The construction was completed in February 1978. The mosque was so named to commemorate Indonesia’s independence from its colonial rulers.

The mosque building is unusual for Indonesian architecture. Externally, the premises of the mosque resemble a huge concrete block. The internal space of the mosque is made with a minimum of decorations and is a large and bright halls.

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