Eric van Hove

After receiving a CDA-Projects grant, the artist traveled to Morocco to create an incredibly detailed model of the Laraca V12 engine, assembled from 53 materials that were handcrafted by 35 craftsmen from various regions of Morocco.

The entire process of creating this engineering marvel took the artist nine months of painstaking work. Van Hove first dismantled a real Mercedes engine, and then proceeded to create an exact replica of each individual component.

Hundreds of engine parts were made by hand. The parts used were: white cedar wood, red cedar wood, walnut wood, lemon wood, orange wood, Macassar ebony, mahogany, Thuja wood, Moroccan beech wood, pink apricot wood, pearls, copper, nickel, red copper, wrought steel, aluminum, silver, pewter Bones, leather and horns of cows, sheep and goats, malachite, agate, green onyx, tiger’s eye, black and white marble, pink granite, resin, cotton, argan oil and even Paleozoic fossils (the list is for those interested in making such a masterpiece).

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