Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has posted a 3D tour of the Sultan Barkouk Madrassa Mosque on the Web.

The Sultan Barcouk Sultan’s Madrasah Mosque or Az-Zaher Barcouk Mosque is a complex in the historic medieval district of Cairo, the capital of Egypt. It was commissioned by Sultan Barkouk as a school of religious education for all four Sunni madhhabs and consisted of a mosque, madrasah, mausoleum, and khanaka. The complex was built between 1384 and 1386, with a dome added last.

The complex is located in the area of Muizz Street. Together with the complex of Sultan Qalaun and the Madrasa al-Nasir Muhammad to which it adjoins, it forms one of the great architectural ensembles of Mameluk monumental architecture in Cairo, in the part of Al-Muizz Street known as Bein el-Qasrain.

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